Promotion Engine

Our Promotion Engine enables digital marketing teams to distribute personalised coupons, points-coupons, discounts or bonuses across all marketing channels.

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Reward your customers with different types of coupons at the appropriate touchpoint along the customer journey. Our Promotion Engine enables digital Marketing teams to launch promotion and retention campaigns with personalised coupons.

Coupon Activation

Customers decide themselves when to redeem their coupons via the app.

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Multi-Point Coupons

Promotional coupons multiply the value of points for the customer. Multi-point coupons can be used for individual products as well as product groups.

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Extra-Point Coupons

Promotional coupons can be used to credit a customer account with a specific, fixed number of points after purchasing a particular product. Extra-point coupons can be used for individual products as well as product groups.

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Discount Coupons

Discount coupons reduce the purchase value of a product at the POS or in the online store.

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Reward Coupons

Customers redeem their collected loyalty points against reward coupons. This creates a closed-loop effect, creating added-value for the multi-partner program.

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Coupon Configuration

Configure every aspect of each coupon, either via the coupon API or the Convercus backoffice.

Redemption Conditions

Redemption conditions ensure the correct audience can access specific coupons.

Track Redemptions

Access real-time analysis of your coupon redemptions via the coupon API and the Convercus backoffice.

Define Limits

Configure the maximum number of coupon redemptions per account or per loyalty program.

Look and Feel

Customise the wording, image, text and metadata of each coupon to fit your requirements.


Visibility rules make it possible to display coupons at the various touchpoints before the start of a campaign.


All functions and settings for the Promotion Engine are available in the coupon REST API.