Loyalty Engine

Convercus provides an SaaS Loyalty Engine with all necessary features to run a successful omni-channel customer loyalty program.

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Custom Loyalty Programs

From configuring your points system to measuring results: the Convercus Loyalty Engine offers all functions via backoffice or API.

Collect points

Loyalty program administrators determine how many points per Euro are calculated and attributed.

Redeem points

Customers redeem their points against bonuses, charitable donations or gift certificates.

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Points System

The set-up of your points system has a substantial impact on the attractiveness of your loyalty program. The Convercus Loyalty Engine enables you to configure detailed controls to align your loyalty program tightly with your individual customer retention strategy.


Determine the number of loyalty points per Euro.

Points Branding

Match the name of your loyalty currency to your brand.


Exclude specific products or product categories from your points system.

Extra Points

Award additional points for promotional purposes.


Reactivate customers with point expiration campaigns.


Cancel awarded points in the event of returns.

Customer Cards

Customer loyalty programs can be run with physical or digital cards. Online and offline transactions across all channels are attributed to individual customers on the basis of their customer number. Our loyalty software supports easy creation, management and blocking of all customer loyalty cards.

PHYsical cards

The Convercus Loyalty Engine provides functionality to create and manage physical customer cards.


Our digital customer cards can be integrated into any external customer loyalty app.

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Customer Management

Convercus provides an online helpdesk solution for efficient handling of all questions arising in the daily running of your customer loyalty program.


Search for accounts, participants and customer card numbers.

PoinTs history

View all points earned and corresponding purchases.


Manage program participants, customer cards, points system rules and coupons


Register new customers for your customer loyalty program with ease.

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Points Account

Revision-proof storage of the points collected by your loyalty program participants directly in their points account.

Bonus Points

Points collected for the redemption of bonuses.

Status Points

Award your most loyal and active customers with additional benefits.


Access a full protocol of all points collected for individual and group transactions.

Family Account

Collect points together with family members on one account across multiple cards.

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The Convercus Loyalty Engine is developed on an API-first basis, allowing for a seamless integration into third-party systems.


The core loyalty functionality is available in RESTful API form with documented HTTP methods.

Integration with third-party systems

The Loyalty Engine architecture is designed for seamless integration with all common CRM, E-Commerce and POS systems.

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